The "Empressive" Woman

The "Empressive" woman is royalty. She unapologetically owns and walks in her truth yet is humble enough to embrace her flaws. She leaves an everlasting mark wherever she goes. She is not simply "a look", she's an essence.


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A few years ago on a chilly thotlum Saturday night (I remembered it was Saturday because I had to wait until sundown to go outside lol), my model cousin invited me out to a club with her model friends (mostly white) in the heart of babylon (Manhattan). As we left the pretentious scene, one friend and I walked side by side and was approached by a black guy. Sally (I made that shit up cause I don't remember Shawty's name) ignored him, I on the other hand (with my super corny friendly ass), politely declined. 

Lawd ah mercy!

Over the years i've become very conscious of how I speak to men, especially black men; the ones  on the street, the ones I meet on the train, the trap nikkas from flatbush. I have a SOFT spot for them because they are already facing rejection from society, why would I make their life harder? 

The young man ignored the white model and proceeded to curse me out a "O you think you are all that? Bougie ass". I don't recall what happened subsequently, but I do remember being hurt (look I was about 17, I didn't use the phrase "suck yuh mudda" until later on in life lol).

A brother recently made a general comment on a post about black women on my page "bw always play hard to get", that made me wonder, where did this all come from? I mean for those of us who aren't rude or snobby or black men bashers, why are we seen as "bougie"?  It's possible to view yourself highly without making others feel inferior. It's as if other races of women get a "pass" because they are viewed as a "prize", in fact we know that some black folks (regardless of sex)  feel a sense of accomplishment when they have dated outside.

Anyways enough of my rambling. WEH YUH think? (comment below)