The "Empressive" Woman

The "Empressive" woman is royalty. She unapologetically owns and walks in her truth yet is humble enough to embrace her flaws. She leaves an everlasting mark wherever she goes. She is not simply "a look", she's an essence.


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TF is up with me and these titles? DWL (dead with laugh).

I remember when I first joined InstaSham, I saw all of these free spirited women with bushy armpits,bushy legs, bushy cats (meow)——(don’t ask how I knew it was bushy, Ms. Cleo told me...RIP my Jamaican friend) and I wanted to throw up…(like that time your man told you it would taste like pineapples but he lied kind of throw up). Shit was like a cotton field, you could've done some "boxer braids" with the beads on their hair.

Well I started to follow some of these women because despite being hairy they were sweethearts. I began reading their captions (essays and shit) and wow, I felt uncomfortable. Uncomfortable because their points MADE SENSE. It was then that I questioned myself, who thought me to be so repulsed at my own HAIR? a natural and protective barrier that grows naturally out of my body. So I went digging, and of all of the reasons I encountered about "why women should shave", the most recurring ones included "because its disgusting to have hair", "it's barbaric", "untidy" (just to enumerate a few)

Who made these rules about shaving anyways? Why is it so disgusting? I now have a more open mind for those women who choose to be “natural”, and likewise to women who choose to shave for their own reasons. I mean we can do what we want.... Thanks for inspiring me to do shit on my own terms. 

Love, The baddest rifle ever made.