The "Empressive" Woman

The "Empressive" woman is royalty. She unapologetically owns and walks in her truth yet is humble enough to embrace her flaws. She leaves an everlasting mark wherever she goes. She is not simply "a look", she's an essence.

WEH DI SCENE? (what's up?)

Hey Darling Sugar Plums!

Welcome to 

I’ve been meaning to create a blog since God said “let there be light”, but ….Lawd have mercy…ok i’m here. Most of you know me from Instagram, but I felt I needed a much bigger platform to express myself unapologetically (especially since most of my posts get censored..ha!). I want you guys to interact with me and with each other freely! 

 Here you can find everything I post on Instagram but an extended version. Yes, that includes the controversial, jaw dropping, inspirational  posts, my witty and raw stories, photos and Empressive jewelry. So VIBE out with me, Yo OVAS? (you understand?)

Nuff Love,